Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

5 Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

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There are many job opportunities in the field of drug discovery, development, and commercialization. The sales of drugs are increasing drastically, and it is predicted that it will grow 5.1 percent annually until the year 2020.

Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The following are some of the careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Quality Manager:

The products that are sold by a Pharmaceutical company must be perfect, and it should not have any issues as it will directly affect the well-being of the public. So the products that are sold need to be given close attention, and thus the company requires a quality manager to inspect various products that are sold. The role of a quality manager includes investigating and ensuring that all the products are up to the standards, resolving issues, implementing safety procedures, managing records and delivering reports.

Scientific and medical writers:

A lot of study reports get generated in the activities of a drug life cycle. Many publications, regulatory documents, and applications must be written in many languages. The Pharmaceutical companies hire medical writers who have excellent writing and communication skills. Most companies have a separate department which deals with writing work, and some professionals are self-employed and work on a freelance basis as an external service provider.

Sales Representative:

The sales representatives’ job is to sell the product of the Pharmaceutical Company and build a relationship with the clients. They also need to maintain sales records and have a good knowledge about the product which the company sells. As a sales representative, the person must have excellent communication skill and convince the clients to buy the products which are sold by the Pharmaceutical Company.

Project Managers:

A business becomes successful based on the effectiveness of its project managers. Many aspects of management come into play in a Pharmaceutical Company. There has to be a strategic management for innovative design, risk management and decision making and operation management for managing various projects and sales operations. Many people in the industry have a background in life science and have a Masters in Business Administration. Since a manager has to work with clinical researchers, engineers, doctors, etc. they need to have some background knowledge about the company and the process.

Lab Analyst:

The job of a lab analyst is to test the chemical and physical properties of the new products that are created by the Pharmaceutical Company. They ensure that the new samples are accurate and if the product is not correct then they need to evaluate what is wrong with the sample product. To analyze such errors, one should have a good knowledge of federal compliance regulations and standards. The analysis done must be perfect so that the products produced by the Company does not cause any harm to the public.