About Making Money on Youtube

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We live in an era in which we are experiencing a burst of bloggers and vloggers who seem to make all their money by posting stuff online. If the idea of being your own boss and making your own schedule is appealing, you should know that things are actually not as easy as you might think they are. It really isn’t enough to post a nice video on YouTube in order to make decent money. There are all sorts of factors that influence the money you can make on YouTube and we absolutely know more about them. You are probably wondering what 1,000 views is worth. Well, it is not that easy, as the payment is based on two metrics:

  1. The number of ad views.
  2. The number of ad clicks.

I think that this makes it clear that making money on YouTube is possible but it implies more than just the views. You might have heard that some calculate their revenue by 1,000 views meaning $1. Well, this metric is inaccurate. So, what is it that you should take into consideration in order to correctly calculate the money that a creator can make with the help of YouTube? Please see the list below and everything will become clearer. Here are the main factors that will influence the YouTube revenue, whether you are a content creator or advertiser.

  • Clicks influence the payments- No, it is not just the views that influence the payment. Clicks influence it too. If you are going to try to calculate the adsense payment by calculating just the views, you should know that you will basically be missing a huge chunk.
  • Payments are going to be significantly reduced by ad skipping- People clearly hate ads on YouTube and many of them skip the ads. It happens and you have to accept it, just like you have to accept the fact that this will affect the revenue as well. Since advertisers don’t pay for skipped ads and skipped ads don’t count as view, you can imagine how much this can influence the final payment.
  • The revenue is also going to be influenced by the quality of the ad. If the ad is one offering info on some special deals or simply a very creative one, then it is surely going to produce more clicks and views. Of course, this means more revenue.

I think that the list above answers all your questions if you’re curious how much YouTube pays per view. There is no exact answer; it all depends on a number of factors which are stated above and some more. It all depends on how smart you do this and whether or not you are willing to accept help and guidance from professionals. There are plenty of experts ready to share their experience with you such as the guys at Hear Me Folks and you should take advantage of this. They are really willing to help you, so accept their help as this will allow you to make some more money.