Air Conditioners and Evaporative Cooler: Which the Two is Suitable for You?

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Defining your environment is the biggest factor when choosing between evaporative cooler versus the air conditioner. If you are living in a dry or hot climate the evaporative cooler is a good choice since it adds moisture back into the air. This will make your environment friendlier. However, in more humid settings, the air conditioner is a good choice as it removes the moisture from the air which prevents you to feel more irritable due to the hot and humid weather.

The evaporative cooler is a clear winner when comes to money-saving efficiency and it operates quietly. But if the climate is the main reason why you need to buy a cooling system, then the air conditioner can sustain your need.

Now, the question is which of the two should you install in your home? Here, this post can help  you as we provide you the comparison between the evaporative cooler versus the air conditioner.

#1: Environmental Effect

We have to consider the environmental impact of the two considering the product as a whole instead of what are units available in the market.

The evaporative cooler emits far less CO2 compared to other conventional air conditioners. It is because it utilizes the evaporation technique instead of the chemical transmission that requires more energy to function effectively. This also runs quieter than most air conditioner which results in less noise pollution.

Traditional air conditioners emit low levels of CO2. You can’t compare this to evaporate coolers without appreciably compromising its size and performance.

 #2: Determining Air Circulation

In terms of air circulation, it is essential to consider the requirement of the unit and your personal preference.

The evaporative coolers are quite superior to traditional air conditioners. And it produces better air quality in open spaces allowing fresh air to be passed through the system compared to air conditioners that disseminate the same air. It also adds moisture to the air, that way it will not dry out your skin, eyes or even your throat,  however, they do not typically function well to cool large open spaces.

Whilst, the air conditioners typically operate in larger units at higher wattage, it actually has advantages compared to evaporative coolers in terms of cooling a wide space quickly. But as moisture removing device the air quality suffers from the whole process.

#3: How much are the running costs?

This is an important question for you to find out. The running costs play an important factor in determining what’s best to use for an air cooling system.

For an evaporative cooler, it only needs enough energy to run the fan and pump. The unit’s simplicity means less expensive and therefore lower service costs. While air conditioner is fairly pricey in terms of installation but you can also save in the long run. Air conditioners also need compressors, condensers and expansion valve in order to operate. This means it requires more power and might be consuming a high maintenance bill every month.

So, do you have the additional information to share between the comparisons of the two? Kindly share your thoughts. We are happy to hear it!