Fossil Gen 4 and Samsung Gear S3 Best Features and Differences

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What is your favorite smartwatch? When we speak of smartwatch, we always look forward to the one that has the smartest features. Mostly, many of the users choose the best smartwatch that could cater to their specific needs. Nowadays, as technology arises and elevates, the smartwatch also upgrades.   What feature do you love in your smartwatch? Do you want to play and download your favorite music? Do you love to monitor it with your fitness lifestyle? Whatever is your lifestyle, surely you can add it now to your smartwatch features. Only, you need to find the best smartwatch that will meet your needs. This is a good breakdown where the best features and differences of the Fossil Gen 4 and Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch are being compared. After reading this article, surely you can find what is the best smartwatch will be best for you.

For Fossil Gen 4, its best features includes of compatibility in Google Play, Spotify and Google Play Music, have a modern design, has a better screen resolution with 454 x 454 resolution, larger screen size, can track swimming data through 3rd party apps, offers 2 year warranty, can download music offline through Spotify. Also, it is compatible with Google Play Music but cannot download external music on the phone. You can also use the voice to text feature on this smartwatch which is an advantage in sending messages to your friends or family. Just in case you lost your phone, you can only use the Bluetooth range and not on any 3rd party apps. The battery life for Fossil Gen 4 only lasts in 24 hours, too short compared to Gear S3. Fossil Gen 4 does not support Myfitnesspal just like the Samsung Gear S3. It does not also support phone calls because it has no speakers.

For Samsung Gear S3, its best features include NFC payments, compatible on Spotify and Google Play Music, and can download external music on the phone but no app for Google Play Music. It has the best user interface that offers 3 knobs on the side of the watch for programming your popular apps. You can also add easily your scheduled events for the day and for a week in your phone and you can connect it to your Gear S3 smartwatch. Also, if you are a sports type of person, you will love this Gear S3 because it can be connected to Mapmyfitness and Myfitnesspal. It has also speakers to answer calls from your phone. Just in case you have lost your phone, you can track it here in Gear S3 through wifi, Bluetooth, or GPS. You can even find your phone through the smartwatch too. The battery life of this Gear S3 lasts longer in 48 hours compared to Fossil Gen 4. In terms of technicalities, Gear S3 have high processors compared to Fossil Gen 4. The screen resolution for this Gear S3 is 360 x 360 which is smaller compared to Fossil Gen 4. The Samsung Gear S3 is only water resistant but not best for swimming.

If you think that these features are really for you, then you should choose the best smartwatch that is best for you. You may check out at to find out more best features of the smartwatch that you will choose. Mostly, you can find the best price of the smartwatch that you want.