Guide for Buying the Best Glider for Your Nursery

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Adjusting our life with our newborn baby is an adventure full of unpredictable challenges and surprises. We must spend a lot of time sitting with the baby, whether that is nursing during the day or relaxing before naptime.

Having a fixed space for feeding and cuddling our baby is one way to establish routines that are important when raising a child. Please check here for the best rocking chair for nursery.

That is why it is important to have a supportive nursing chair in the corner of the nursery. There are many things to consider when selecting the best nursing chair for our home and navigating the numerous features can get overwhelming. This article will help us selecting the perfect one by answering our few common questions.

What is a nursery glider?

A nursery glider or rocking chair or glider is a type of chair developed in the twentieth century that slides forward and backward on suspension, as opposed to the up and down rocking motion of a more traditional rocking chair.

Who benefits from a Gliding or Rocking Chair?

Nursery Rocking Chairs provide both comfort and support. The soothing rocking motion relaxes the baby, and the extra padding supports the back and neck of the baby’s parents during long periods of sitting.

How to choose a nursery rocking chair or glider?

Always pick a chair that provides the most comfort to the parents of the baby. Comfort can be influenced by extra cushioning, reclining technology, or an additional support for our back. Select easy-to-clean fabrics to improve the life of the chair and a design that aligns with our nursery vision.

How to clean a nursery chair?

Some rocking chairs or gliders for nursery come with removable cushion covers that can be removed and washed into the washing machine. When this is not the case, approach cleaning a glider the same way we wash other furniture. Vacuum it clean, and then clean down with a stain-removing solution. An enzyme stain remover is ideal for getting out milk & baby food stains. Finish by drying the cleaned area with clean towel.

Different Types of Nursing Chairs

  1. Rocker nursing chairs are the classic series of nursing chair. Also, they are economical & very easy to maintain. The traditional up-down rocking motion of the rocking chair is powered by our legs, which means this design it is ideal for parents who wants to maintain a soothing motion.
  2. Recliner nursing chairs have a lower seat than a traditional recliner and include a lever or electronic power that lowers the back of the chair while also raising a footrest. They are a comfortable nursing option that can easily be used as living room furniture.
  3. Glider nursing chairs are a popular nursing chair design that moves in a soothing fashion even when our legs are up and resting.

Hopefully, after going through the topic it will be easy for us to decide the best glider or rocking chair design for our nursery to relax & cuddle our baby with ease.