How Proxy Sites Work?

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You probably know the best website where you can download a set of files for free. And, you might even use the internet to make transactions such as online shopping, banking, and many more. Indeed, the internet has become a significant part of your daily life. It increases your functionality and productivity at work.

But the question is this; do you really know how the internet works? What happens when you enter the cyberspace?

Know that every computer or server has an Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address serves as your computer’s address which allows the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to determine your location. Hence, when you enter the internet, your location is revealed which can be a problem for some circumstances.

For example, some countries prohibit accessing websites like Pirate Bay where you can download files like movies, software setup, and images. It is because of the government’s law against piracy of media like movies and music. If you can’t access Pirate Bay, chances are your country has this regulation.

Now, the ISP detects your location using the IP address. And if you are living in a country with the said regulation, it immediately corrupts the file you are trying to download or transmit. That is the reason why you can’t access Pirate Bay and other similar websites.

Then, how can you fix this issue?

One of the best solutions to solve this problem is by using a proxy server.

About the Proxy Server

A proxy server is a computer on the internet with a unique IP address. It does not utilize the same IP address as your computer. When you browse the web, your request enters the proxy server at first. The proxy server does the request collects the response from the web and forwards the data on your computer.

Many business establishments, agencies, and professionals use a proxy server. It serves as an intermediary between you and the internet. It changes your IP address to hide it from the ISP. That is why when you use a proxy server, you can access Pirate Bay, Torrent, and other websites that are usually blocked by the government.

Aside from allowing you to access unlimited sources on the web, installing a proxy server has other benefits. Here is some of it.

  • Controls and monitors internet usage which is extremely useful in a business
  • Enhances speed and bandwidth savings for the best performance
  • Offers privacy
  • Strengthens your security from prying eyes
  • Access blocked websites and have a great internet surfing experience

It can be frustrating at times when the ISP blocks your computer from accessing certain websites. And it is annoying if you need to download important files and fails to do so because of this problem. If are experiencing this issue, now is the time to get a proxy server.

Do you want to find out additional details concerning the technicalities of the internet?

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