Is it Possible to Have a Substitute for Immersion Blender?

In News by Chris

Have you ever seen an immersion blender? If not, it is a hand-held machine that resembles a hand. It has a long shaft that can be submerged in liquid. This type of blender is commonly used for pureeing soups. It is the perfect gadget in creating whipped cream, salsas, dressings, and a lot more.


Immersion blenders are popular with chefs or cooks because it allows you to blend different kinds of food without the need to transfer it to another container or appliance. However, if you don’t have an immersion blender, there’s no need to worry. You can always use other techniques or appliances to yield the same results.

Below is a list of substitutions that you can do for different common food recipes.

  • Smoothies

Do you love drinking smoothies? If you do, then you would surely need something to create one. To create smoothies you need to mix nuts, yogurt, vegetables, fruits, or other ingredients. When you have an immersion blender, you can easily create smoothies because it has a close-fitting container. However, if you don’t have one in your kitchen, you can always use a blender. It will still give you the same results.

  • Mixing Eggs and Cream

Some people love to whip cream or mix batters and eggs using an immersion blender. Yes, it’s truly convenient to use an immersion blender but you can still do the task by using a hand mixer.

There’s even an advantage in using a hand mixer. It can add more air while whipping which means you’ll get a fluffier product.

If you own a multi-blade blender, you can use that as well to whip cream and batters.

  • Dressings and Salsas

It is definitely easy to create salsa, mayonnaise, or salad dressing using an immersion blender. However, did you know that you can also use a food processor to create those dressings? So instead of putting all of the ingredients in a mixing bowl and using the blender’s shaft to mix everything, you can use the food processor. All you need to do is put everything inside the bowl processor and pulse it until you achieve your preferred texture.

Using the food processor for creating these kinds of food also has an advantage because it can enable you to add oil in a steady stream. You can do that by drizzling the oil through the feed tube to mix it with the other ingredients.

Moreover, a food processor can blend pesto and hummus nicely. If you are making salsas, make sure to finely chop your ingredients to achieve your preferred texture. However, there might be a disadvantage because it can create a bit chunkier salsa but it will still be delicious.

Immersion blenders are quite expensive, but if you are always creating different recipes that require the use of this device, then it is best to get one. Compared to blenders or big stand mixers, immersion blenders can save you kitchen space. You can even store them inside your cabinet or kitchen drawer. If you need a recommendation, this OXA Smart Immersion is bang for the buck.