Review of Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker

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Any avid coffee lover would jump right off their seat and tell you why a French press is worth buying. For those who are not used to brewing their own coffee but would love to prepare their own hot beverage, this product is definitely heaven-sent. A French press is a brewing pot that will consistently offer you the purest form of coffee.

The way this machine works is by forcing the coffee to the bottom of the pot which leaves you with the richest and purest form of coffee. Also known as coffee press or coffee plungers, this brewing equipment was patented in 1929 by an Italian designer named Tillie Claimant.

Coffee beans have natural oil that holds the coffee’s flavor. In a regular brewing machine, this oil sticks to the filter and the material of the equipment which ultimately gives you an off taste in your coffee. However, in a French press, the oil can be washed away easily, giving you a perfect tasting cup of coffee.

There are several French press coffee makers but Kitchen Supreme makes a really nice French press that delivers best and very fine quality of coffee extract without any residue.

Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker Features

The Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee Maker offers up to one liter capacity of best quality coffee that is your favorite. It does not only make coffee yet it also delivers your favorite drinks like tea, espresso, and other quality beverages. There are several filtering screens that convert fine grinded coffee beans into a pure coffee output. It also work perfectly as tea infuser and provides you with high quality tea that is ever so refreshing.

The dimensions and calibrations with which it comes in 7.1 x 6.1 x 11.4 inches and it is very light in weight at only about two pounds. Since it is made up of stainless steel, it is corrosion free and offers good strength and flexibility in its frame.

The double lid stainless steel provides heat inter lock which acts as thermos flask and helps in maintaining temperature of the coffee maker for a long time. Double lid operates in sequence and helps in easy pouring of coffee.

Uses of Kitchen Supreme coffee maker:

For business individuals, where time is considered as money, the kitchen supreme coffee maker is the best bet since it provides a fine coffee mug in just two minutes.

Kitchen supreme French press coffee maker has following key uses:

  1. Not only it can provide you with your favorite coffee but it also manufactures tea and other beverages whenever you like.
  2. You can prepare best tasking almond milk, ever refreshing hot chocolate drink, very healthy cashew milk, and multiple kinds of lemonades, timely manufactured rinse quinoa and so much more.
  3. As far as quality and our customer satisfaction is considered, there is 5 year warranty that is being offered on this coffee maker. Hence you can never go wrong with choosing kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee maker.