Socializing for Introverts: Five Things You Might Be Doing Wrong

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You try so hard to become a social butterfly, but it seems like you are doing everything wrong. Well, it is an experience that most introverts share in common; especially, if you have been an introvert for so long. Your social skills are surely rusting, and it requires some polishing.

Being sociable is not a tough thing to do. You need to remember that there are no good or bad socializing skills. It is all about confidence and how you talk to strangers.

Now, what if you keep on trying to be more sociable, but people still feel awkward about you?

Here are the things you are probably doing wrong.

#1 Not Smiling

Smiling to strangers makes them at ease. It sends them a signal that you’re an approachable and friendly person. Thus, the next time you talk to strangers or try to be friends with some you people you met at a bar, make sure to give them that friendly smile.

#2 Rigid Body Languages

Your body languages speak more to strangers. If your body is too stiff and faces away from the person, it’ll give them an impression that you’re not willing to talk to them or else, doesn’t enjoy the conversation. As a result, they will end the conversation fast and walk in another direction.

When you want to strike a friendly conversation, try to be more relaxed. Position your body towards the person whom you are talking to, for it shows that you are interested in talking with them.

#3 One-Sided Conversation

Now, you’ve started a conversation with a stranger. The next thing you have to do is be friendly with them.

Some people like to share stories, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to make the conversation one-sided. Engage with the person by sharing your little anecdotes and funny experiences. Laughing with the person and answering questions are also little ways to keep the conversation going.

If you are talking with a person who doesn’t talk much, be the one who tells the stories. With this, you won’t lose the attention of the other person, and who knows, you’ve already earned a best friend.

#4 First Impressions Marks

The first thing that most people look at you is your outward appearance. It is easier to socialize if you dress less formal. It doesn’t mean you have to overthrow your style to earn friends. Establish individuality without making yourself too unapproachable. Dress like as you belong to the crowd.

#5 Avoids Advice

You probably heard some of your closest friends commenting on your styles and socializing skills. Learn to accept and hear their advice. If you are shy talking to them about these subjects, consult professionals about improving socializing skills. You can check this link right here now to see one of the leading programs on how to become a social man.

Do you want to become more sociable?

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