Stacy Adams and Calvin Klein Men’s Oxford Shoes: A Comparison Guide

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Looking for the right pair of dress shoes is quite tricky and overwhelming. Mind that there are several brands of dress shoes in the market these days. And each one of these options owns different features. Moreover, the contradicting advice of many online sources makes everything a lot harder than it already is.

A good rule of thumb when looking for a pair of dress shoes is determining your preferences. Ask yourself what you are searching for in a dress shoe. Do you need one that is suitable for both formal gatherings and work? Or do you prefer a minimalist oxford shoe?

Figuring out your preferences will help you identify the correct shoes for you. Also, you reduce your chances of spending money on footwear that you won’t need.

When it comes to budget-friendly footwear with good quality, the names that usually pop out in many recommendations are Stacy Adams and Calvin Klein. Though these Oxford shoes have similar styles, each one has a unique feature. To help you find out more about these options, take a look at both of their pros and cons below.

  • Shoe Design

In terms of shoe design, Stacy Adams is flashier and more stylish compared to Calvin Klein. It features a wingtip design and a great finish that makes the shoe more attractive. It looks sharp, especially when partnered with a tuxedo.

If Stacy Adams has a classy vintage look, Calvin Klein is more modern. It is sleek and gorgeous. A perfect choice for wearers who like minimalist designs. Calvin Klein matches well with formal attires, office wear, and casual wear.

  • Durability

Both shoes could last for years. But if you are looking for an option that has a longer lifespan, then go for Stacy Adams Oxford dress shoes. The upper shoe is made of antiqued leather, while the shoe sole came from synthetic material. These materials could hold for many years despite daily use.

On the other hand, Calvin Klein has a lesser lifespan compared to the former. The footwear has a thinner outsole that is prone to damage. But the leather upper shoe could last for a few years with proper care and maintenance.

  • Shoe Sizing

If you’ve got wide feet, Calvin Klein is a good choice. This shoe is wider compared to Stacy Adams. Also, Calvin Klein is a true fit shoe.

Now, if you are going to choose Stacy Adams, be warned that this shoe runs one size larger. Thus, make sure to choose a shoe size that is one inch smaller than your actual foot size.

  • Comfortable

Stacy Adams excels in providing comfort. The shoe comes with a cushioned insole with extra memory foam. The additional padding allows the feet to stay relaxed, flexible, and comfortable throughout the day.

Calvin Klein is also providing comfort but it is not as comfortable as Stacy Adams. It provides a decent cushion for the feet.


Overall, Stacy Adams is a better choice than Calvin Klein Oxford dress shoe. But if you are fond of Stacy Adams’ over the top design, Calvin Klein is a good alternative.

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